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Datacy : Monetize your Online Data

TL;DR: Datacy’s Chrome extension enables you to effortlessly earn passive income while browsing the web as usual, monetizing your online data by connecting your accounts and accumulating earnings. Enjoy the rewards without any extra effort, and make withdrawals once you reach $30 in earnings.


In today’s digital age, online data has become a valuable asset. Datacy offers a unique opportunity for users to take control of their data and earn passive income by sharing it with businesses. With the Datacy browser extension, users can connect their Reddit, Twitter, and Google accounts, allowing them to monetize their data and gain insights into their online behavior. Let’s explore how Datacy works and how you can earn passive income while browsing the web.

How to Monetize your Data with Datacy:

1. Connecting Your Accounts: Install the Datacy browser extension and link your Reddit, Twitter, and Google accounts. This allows Datacy to collect and anonymize your data for analysis.

2. Data Sharing Preferences: Datacy puts you in control of your data. Choose what type of data you are willing to share and specify who your data can be sold to. This allows you to maintain privacy and control over your personal information.

3. Earn Passive Income: By participating in data sharing, you have the opportunity to earn passive income. Datacy collects, anonymizes, and aggregates your data, providing valuable insights to businesses. Up to 85% of the proceeds from each data sale is paid back to you.

Datacy Privacy and Security:

1. Anonymous Browsing: Datacy ensures that your browsing experience remains anonymous and secure. Your personal information is protected, and data is anonymized before being shared with businesses.

2. Withdrawals: Once you accumulate $30 in earnings, you can request a withdrawal. Datacy offers convenient payout options to access your earnings like Paypal or Stripe, you also have the option to make this automatically everytime you reach 30$ so you don’t even need to open the app anymore.

Maximizing Your Earnings

1. Combine with Other Passive Income Apps: Datacy is just one piece of the puzzle. By combining it with other passive income apps like Slice or others, you can maximize your earning potential. Each app contributes to your overall passive income stream.

2. Potential for Increased Earnings: As Datacy continues to onboard more partners and expand its data analysis capabilities, there is the potential for increased earnings. The more partners and data available, the greater the opportunity to earn.

Personal Experience and Earnings:

Based on my personal experience, I have earned over $120 in one year with Datacy. By being active for approximately 3 hours per day on my PC, I have consistently earned around $3 per week passively. It’s important to note that earnings can vary and depend on factors such as the number of partners and user activity.


Datacy offers a unique opportunity to earn passive income by sharing your anonymized online data. With the Datacy browser extension, you can monetize your data from platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Google/YouTube. By participating in data sharing, you not only earn passive income but also contribute to businesses’ better understanding of consumer behavior. Take control of your data, maintain privacy, and earn passive income with Datacy. Start leveraging the power of your online data today!

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