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Slice: Earn While You Browse

TL;DR: Slice is a Chrome extension that replaces non-intrusive ads with personalized ads while browsing the web. Users earn “slices” by engaging with these ads, which can be redeemed for various rewards or used to support content creators. Slice bypasses Adblock and works alongside it, allowing users to block intrusive ads while earning income through Slice ads. Twitch Creators also benefit from Slice, earning ad revenue that surpasses earnings on platforms like Twitch. The setup process is simple, and Slice offers convenient redemption options through Bitcoin Lightning Network and PayPal.



Slice is a Chrome extension that offers a unique way to earn rewards by replacing non-intrusive ads with personalized ads while browsing the web. With Slice, users can earn “slices” as they engage with these ads, which can be redeemed for various rewards or used to support content creators. Slice works seamlessly alongside Adblock, allowing users to block intrusive ads while still generating income through Slice ads. Additionally, Twitch Creators can benefit from Slice by earning ad revenue that outperforms earnings on other platforms like Twitch.

Earn Rewards with Slice Chrome Extension:


1. Installation: Install the Slice Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store. It integrates seamlessly with your browser and starts replacing non-intrusive ads with personalized Slice ads.

2. Browsing and Engaging: As you browse the web, Slice will display its personalized ads instead of non-intrusive ads.The extension ensures that your browsing experience remains uninterrupted and non-intrusive, even in fullscreen mode.

3. Ad Control: Slice offers you the ability to control the number of ads displayed within the extension. You can choose to have fewer ads for a more balanced browsing experience or opt for more ads to increase your earning potential. Customize the ad settings based on your preferences and goals.
You can also opt in for Slice Search (Experimental) which basically rewards you when you make a research through Bing or when a research redirects you to Bing, I know not the most famous Search Engine but for the Bing users out there, enjoy!

4. Twitch Integration: Slice offers a valuable integration with Twitch, benefiting both Twitch Creators and viewers. 

For Twitch Creators, Slice provides an opportunity to earn ad revenue while streaming on Twitch. By simply switching on the Slice extension and setting it up, creators can generate ad revenue that is reported to be 60% better than what can be earned on traditional Twitch platforms. Partner approval is fast, granting creators independence and additional income sources beyond Twitch’s offerings.

But Slice doesn’t stop there. Twitch viewers also have the opportunity to earn while watching streams through Slice. By engaging with the personalized ads displayed during Twitch streams, viewers can earn slices. These earned slices can then be donated to their favorite creators with no fees, allowing viewers to support and contribute to the success of their beloved streamers without any financial burden.

This 50/50 partnership between creators and viewers not only benefits creators by diversifying their revenue streams but also empowers viewers to actively participate in supporting the content they enjoy.

5. Referral Program:

Slice also has a referral program that lets you earn additional rewards by inviting your friends to join. If you join Slice using my referral link, you’ll receive a bonus of 100 Slices (0.10$), giving you a head start on your earnings. At the same time, I’ll also earn 1000 (1.00$) slices as a thank-you for introducing you to Slice.

Participating in the referral program is entirely optional. You can still enjoy all the benefits of Slice without using a referral link. The choice is yours.

Share the Slice experience and earn together! Invite your friends to join Slice using your own referral link, and let’s maximize our rewards while supporting each other’s success.

BONUS: Slice New Tab – Earn More with Every New Tab:


Slice also offers Slice New Tab, a beta chrome extension that enhances your browsing experience while providing additional earning opportunities. Here are the key features of Slice New Tab:

Monetize Your New Tab: Slice New Tab replaces the default New Tab page with personalized ads. Earn more “slices” every time you open a new tab, expanding your earning potential.

Seamless Integration: Slice New Tab works alongside Slice and your preferred browser, ensuring a smooth transition between browsing and earning.

Beta Stage: Please note that Slice New Tab is currently in the beta stage of development. It is available for testing to gather feedback and enhance the product before its official release.

Cash Out:


1. Bitcoin Lightning Network: Currently, Slice offers the option to redeem slices through Bitcoin Lightning Network with no fees. This provides a fast and secure way to convert your slices into Bitcoin.

2. PayPal: Users can also redeem their slices through PayPal, although a 4% fee applies. This option offers a familiar and convenient method of receiving rewards.

Future Features and Trustpilot Rating:


Slice plans to introduce Visa prepaid cards as a redemption option in the future, although the release date for this feature has not yet been announced. The extension is currently rated 4+ on Trustpilot, indicating positive user experiences and satisfaction.

Personal Experience and Review:


Having used Slice, I have found it to be a reliable and effective way to earn passive income while browsing the web. The integration with Adblock ensures that intrusive ads are blocked, providing a seamless and non-disruptive browsing experience. The ability to earn slices and redeem them for various rewards is a great incentive, and the option to support content creators is a nice touch.

The Twitch integration is particularly beneficial, offering Twitch Creators an opportunity to earn ad revenue that surpasses earnings on other platforms. The simple setup process and the ability to earn income while watching streams provides an additional avenue for passive income.
The referral program is also pretty good as well allowing you to start with already 0.10$, ain’t much but as always passive money is still free money!

The addition of Slice New Tab enhances the earning potential by rewarding users with more slices every time they open a new tab. While in the beta stage, Slice New Tab opens up new possibilities for maximizing your earnings.

It is important to note that the income generated through Slice may vary, in my case ranging from $0.03 to $0.06 per day, up to 0.10$ if you use Slice New Tab. However, by opting for more ads, users can increase their rewards significantly, usually doubling the base amount. And who knows maybe they will even give us more possibilities to earn!

Bonus : Contests and Rewards:
Slice occasionally organizes contests within their Discord Community where users can participate in various challenges and have the chance to win additional slices, gift cards, or even game copies like Hogwarts Legacy. These contests add a fun and exciting element to the Slice experience and provide opportunities for users to earn more rewards. But it isn’t a guaranteed income.

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