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Money SMS Review : Receive SMS and Earn Passively

TL;DR: Money SMS rewards you for receiving text messages on your Android phone. While the app is legitimate and offers passive income, the earnings potential is relatively low and the cash-out process can be slow.

What is MoneySMS?

Money SMS is an Android-exclusive app that rewards you for receiving text messages. Paid SMS companies need to test network performance worldwide and use your phone number for this purpose.

How Does MoneySMS Work?

After registering your phone number, you’ll receive random text messages from Money SMS. These messages are for testing purposes, and you don’t need to engage with them.

Earnings Potential:

You earn 0.02 Euros for each text message received. The app has a 2 Euro payout threshold, equivalent to 100 messages. Payment can be made through PayPal, WebMoney, or Bitcoin.

However, there’s no controlling how often you receive text messages, so your earning vary greatly month-to-month. Overall, this app barely pays and takes a long time to cash out. However, the earning potential for Money SMS is extremely low but it is important to note that it’s 100% passive so I’d say you can make from 2 to 20$ per year.

Personal Review and Conclusion:

Money SMS offers an effortless way to earn, making it an appealing side hustle. However, the earnings are modest and can take time to accumulate. The unpredictability of text volume might not suit those seeking consistent rewards. While the app is legitimate, its passive nature might be more suitable for users content with occasional earnings from text messages.

In my own experience, I managed to accumulate $25 in one year, as shown in the screenshot below. It’s important to note that Money SMS isn’t the kind of app that will earn you a consistent $10 a month. The earnings are somewhat random, and it depends on factors like network testing demand. While it might not be a lucrative venture, it does offer a unique way to monetize your idle time and help test SMS networks without you having to do anything.

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